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by Niclas Marie

A printable childrens attendence sheet
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Is there anything more tedious for a teacher than taking attendance every morning? The constant barrage of 'Here!', 'Present!,' or telling silences that denote absence can become the most disliked part of the school day for teachers and students alike; but taking attendance is much more than busy work. School funding is based around student participation, or the Average Daily Attendance (ADA), so when students are not in class the school may lose out on valuable funds. Money is not the only reason to invest so much time in verifying whether a student came to class. Taking attendance the old-fashioned way allows teachers to match the names of their students to their faces, which fosters a connection with the student and can improve the student-teacher relationship. In the event of an emergency knowing whether a student was actually in class that day is critical and can save valuable time and resources.

Studies have linked student attendance, especially in elementary school, to overall performance throughout their academic career, dropout rate, and likelihood of success later in life. Students who are not in school are not learning, and this can have both short and long-term consequences. Those who often miss class are in danger of falling behind their classmates, which in turn requires teachers to spend time playing 'catch-up' with their students instead of moving on to new material. This constant backtracking can cause classes to stagnate as students are forced to slow down and repeat lessons already learned in earlier sessions. Keeping exact attendance records makes it easier for teachers to decide when absences are becoming excessive and intervention is necessary. Attendance sheets also serve another practical purpose in an academic setting: catching students who have decided to skip selective classes.

Sign-in/out sheets are also useful tools in a classroom setting and are practical in charting individual usage of classroom resources such as laptops, calculators, or books, as well as keeping track of which students use after-school programs such as tutoring. Sign-in sheets can also help teachers keep track of how often students ask to do certain activities, such as going to the bathroom. This gives students a chance to practice time-keeping skills and take on more responsibility. Since time is always at a premium in the classroom a simple sign-in sheet can take the place of calling out attendance and can be especially helpful in classrooms with many students, where taking the time to do roll-call is unfeasible.

Along with attendance and sign-in sheets teachers can use other means of organizing their classrooms. Calendars serve several purposes in a classroom setting. Oversized (or classroom) calendars can increase student interest by offering a colorful, interactive means of learning the days of the week, months, and seasons for younger students and are a wonderful way to teach basic organization skills. They also keep students apprised of upcoming events and holidays, which can create a sense of involvement in their education. Keeping students abreast of current events and deadlines can also relieve anxiety associated with not knowing what to expect of the coming week. Individual calendars can be used to teach older students responsibility and provide a visual means of keeping track of assignments and due dates. Whether handed out weekly or monthly, bound or loose leaf, calendars are excellent tools that teach students planning and responsibility.

Attendance Sheets

  • The Importance of Accurate Attendance Accounting (PDF) - A PDF from 2009, this report illustrates why it is so important to keep accurate attendance records, and includes some strategies for inserting attendance-taking into daily class.
  • Weekly Attendance Sheet Template (EXCEL) - An easy to use template that allows for attendance input, and automatically inputs attendance records into a chart so you can keep track of attendance by percentage of students in class on any given day.
  • Attendance Forms Database - This database includes attendance sheets in several different styles, as well as other printables arranged by grade and subject.
  • Seven Day Attendance Sheet (PDF) - A seven day attendance chart that allows for parent signatures, as well as student arrival and departure to be logged.
  • Weekly Class Attendance Record (EXCEL) - This neat, tidy weekly attendance chart has dedicated columns for more in-depth attendance information such as tardy, unexcused, excused or present.
  • Attendance Record (PDF) - An attendance sheet designed specifically for home-schooled students. Five Week Attendance Sheet (EXCEL) - A well-organized student attendance sheet that includes sign-in/sign-out sheets arranged by month. Completely customizable once downloaded.
  • Weekly Classroom Attendance Sheet - Another weekly student attendance sheet that has dedicated columns for present, tardy, excused, and unexcused absences.
  • Four Week Attendance Chart - This interesting attendance chart allows for tracking attendance not by individual student, but by number of students absent, present, or tardy.
  • Monthly Class Attendance Form - Completely customizable, this Excel spreadsheet makes it easy to keep track of monthly student attendance, as well as the number of tardies, excused, and unexcused absences.

Sign In/Out Sheets


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