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Alexey Kriventsov

Linda Jakobsson

I was born 16.2 1983 in Vaasa, Finland. I grew up in an artistic surrounding my father being a portrait painter.
I started painting seriously at 18 years old, and Ive had 17exhibitions of my own since that. Closest to my heart is portrait painting but Im constantly working on new ways to express myself visually.

In the last 7 years I have also developed myself in other areas. I am working as a tattoo artist at Beauty Bay, Vaasa, Finland.

The step to start tattooing my art wasnt far.....and Im loving it. My goal is to be evolve as a portrait/decorative/realism tattoo artist and pursue my journey as a fine artist same time.

I am a mother of three girls and a little boy :-)
My husband is a very skillful sculptor. Our children grow up like I did, surrounded by artistic talking and creativity. Im happy to watch their interest in it, but I dont want to impact them too much. I want them to feel free to choose what they want in life.

I could be called a workaholic. Most days I work 10-12 hours and enjoy every moment of it, constantly getting new ideas and ways of pursuing them. I love my work !!!
And instead of being ashamed of being away from home a lot I keep a constant conversation with my children, and I hope Im being a good example for them in having big drams, ambition and never, ever giving up.

I have thrown away at least 90% of my fine art works, I learn through trial and error....and what Ive learned is that the most important thing you need when you create is to have a vision. To dare having a vision and believe in it. Thats often when people give up, because they lost their vision half way. Close your eyes - see it - do it - if you forget it, close your eyes again. Only your own truth will come out in its purest form. And thats what you want to do. Nothing else. When you choose to work like this, things will fall into place.


  • If you can not find a free spot in the calendar , send me an email with your ideas for your next tattoo and i will contact you as soon as I have a spot for you . I also take commissions for portraits of people and animals , in oils, pastel, drawing, watercolour .
Alexey Kriventsov
Linda Jakobsson
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