Farhana Goga Psychologist

Sessions for Individuals (from age 12) and Sessions for couples.
Individual sessions focusing on: Lifes Challenges, Transitions, Stress, Trauma, Personal Growth and Resilience.
Marriage & Couples Therapist.
Systemic Constellations.

CANCELLATION/Rescheduling POLICY: 2 working days for up to 100 min sessions. 2 weeks for intensives.

Please visit my websites for more info:

Couples: www.couplestherapy.co
Individuals & Organisations : www.farhanagoga.co.za

Payment admin: This is a cash practise. You would need to pay in the working week of your session. You will receive an statement once a week to submit to medical aid

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About us

Farhana Goga

I work with Individuals (from age 12) and couples. I help you nagivate lifes challenges, trauma, stress and wellbeing. In my couple's work, I help you unlock the cycles that keeps you disconnected. Please read my detailed cancellation policy (under the information above) before you book, so we are on the the same page.

Visit farhanagoga.co.za and couplestherapy.co for more information on my work.

If you are looking for a session and its less than 12 hours in advance, or of you can't find a time that works for you, then pop me an email and we can see if I can fit you in.


  • MA Counselling Psychology
  • BA Hons Psychology
  • BA Hons Cultural and Media Studies
  • BA Psychology and Eco History
  • Some of my other accredited courses:
  • Encounter Centred Couples therapy
  • Emotionally Focused Couples therapy (Externship)
  • BWRT Level 1
  • EMDR Level 1
  • Brainspotting Level 1
  • Systemic/Family/Relationship Constellations
  • Ennegram 1-1
  • HeartMath (Practitioner & Coach)
  • Emotion Freedom Technique Level 1
  • Metaphysics/soul work/Imagery

Nadia Ismail

Farhana Goga
Nadia Ismail
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