Legacy Christian Academy

Legacy Christian Academy is a Covenant School.
A Covenant represents a much deeper relationship between the family and school than a contractual relationship.

-As such, we ask that at least one parent, and students grades 7-12, profess a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and believe in Him as Lord and Savior.

-We also ask that the family be able to provide a church involvement recommendation indicating regular church attendance at a Bible teaching church.

- Due to the rigor of the curriculum, prospective students should be performing at or above grade level and be in positive academic standing in their previous school history.

-Student recommendations should show a behavioral history that is in harmony with the expectations of Legacy. The student must exhibit a strong desire to attend Legacy.

If this sounds like a fit for your family, we would be honored to share all Legacy has to offer for not only your student, but your entire family.

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      EL@L is an opportunity for prospective parents and students to experience the Legacy Difference. Our Parent Ambassadors, students, and teachers are eager to share all Legacy has to offer.
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