Brampton Dermatology

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    • Dermatology appointment for 10 minutes

      Please note that you can only book an appointment if you have a referral letter from your doctor or if you have seen Dr. Chang in the last year. If you have seen Dr. Chang more than one year ago, then you will need a new referral letter from your doctor to book an appt. If you are not sure when you last saw Dr. Chang, you can email us at to ask. All patients should bring the referral letter at the time of their visit if they have this letter. If the letter has been faxed to our office you can book now. You do not need to confirm with us that we have the letter. Please only book one green time slot per patient. We have many last minute cancellations every day. Please check for cancellations every morning and late evenings and likely you can get in the same week. Have a great day and look forward to seeing you!

      Remember to check online every early morning and late evenings for last minute cancellations and you can likely be seen the same day!
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