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We look forward to helping you better your health. We are a Natural Health Clinic located in Claremont California, specializing in Colonic Irrigation also known as Colon Hydrotherapy and Whole Body Detoxification. Our goal is to get you on the path, for a new Healthy and Happy lifestyle.

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    • Advanced Nutritional Testing

      Using both Applied Kinesiology and Galvanic Skin Response Zyto technology for their precision, accuracy and customization abilities, we can accurately determine an effective nutritional protocol using non-invasive methods. Our goal is to uncover the underlying ROOT CAUSE of your chronic health issues by looking for fundamental nutritional deficiencies, toxicities, chronic infections and hormonal imbalances. Based on ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic philosophies, this cutting-edge technology reflects the holistic nature of the human body and helps to "peel the onion," to identify and eliminate your chronic illnesses.
    • BALANCE Nutritional Testing

      We have had so many requests for "spot checking" our client's health needs, that we have made that service available in a state-of-the-art software. Now...if you are suffering from a cold, want to jump start your metabolism or just give yourself an energy boost, the BALANCE program can aid you in determining your body's biological preference in a variety of areas. We start with your Foundational Health and then move into your area of concern, wrapping up the session with an Empowerment Module to give you a little inspiration and insight into your emotional/spiritual journey. The $25 fee is applied to the purchase of your supplements.
    • Colon Hydrotherapy

      Naturopaths and medical professionals alike have long stated that "Death begins in the colon." As the toxic waste builds in the colon, much like the accumulations seen on the interior of an old water pipe, the colon becomes impacted and autointoxication through the peristaltic action of the muscles occurs. Colon Hydrotherapy is a gentle internal bath of soft, filtered, temperature-controlled water that flows painlessly into the colon to help soften, loosen and hydrate the accumulated fecal matter. The colon's natural peristaltic action, along with the soothing water, helps the body eliminate over 36 toxins that are found in the associated waste material found in the colon. We believe that the "closed system" and our own proprietary method is the best avenue to provide our clients with a totally painless, discrete and rewarding experience.
    • Detox Ion Foot Bath

      Ionic Foot Cleanse is a revolutionary new health therapy that uses energy and water to increase the natural healing of your own body without painful side effects. Toxins in our system that promote disease are all positively charged. With the Ionic Foot Cleanse the water sets up a negatively enhanced field using the water and your body to complete the conductive cycle. This will give your body and its fluid systems a negative charge, thereby cleansing out positively charged toxins toward the Ion Detox module. These poisons will be deposited into the water.
    • Ear Coning

      Ear Coning also known as Ear Candling is a therapy that has been used since ancient times. Because more and more people are seeking less intrusive ways of healing lately, ear coning is making a resurgence as an alternative to helping with the removal of wax, flaky skin, bacteria and parasites from the ear canal.
    • Infrared Sauna

      This heat therapy stimulates circulation, increases metabolism, relaxes nerves, helps to relieve pain and inflammation, and detoxifies the poisons that are stored in the fat cells. Burns up to 600 calories in 40 minutes. Helps to purify the skin.
    • Ozone Transdermal Program/10 Sessions

      $1 500
      The Hocatt Device is in essence an Ozone Steam Sauna that detoxes the body down to the cellular level, stimulates the immune response, improves circulation and boosts energy. This is achieved by using several modalities all within the unit: transdermal ozone, carbonic acid, whole body hyperthermia with far infrared and steam sauna, simulating a fever within the body to help remove heavy metals and bacteria. It also uses the Pulsating ElectroMagnetic Field to reduce inflammation and stimulate the lymphatic system (PEMF).
      We also employ 133 different Frequency Specific Microcurrent Programs to address specific health issues. Light Therapy is also an adjunct program that is available.

      10 Sessions--$1500. Payment program available.
    • Therapeutic Mud Packing

      One of the most important components of healing your chronic illness is to address your scars, traumas and vaccination sites. In these cases, your body heals itself, your mind forgets, but your body NEVER forgets the assaults it has suffered. It creates barriers that stifle your meridian flow and create dams that keep vital nutrients from flowing to their most needed places. By employing the ancient practice of mudpacking these sites with "peat and magma muds," which contain essential natural and trace minerals and organic acids from herbs, grasses and flowering plants, you can regain the full value of your meridian energy flow and feel the difference immediately. The power of this process can be felt immediately and can quite often decrease your supplements needs by as much as 50% following a mudpacking session. An additional fee applies for individual mudpacks. We have complete in-house facilities, but also offer materials and instruction to facilitate at-home care.

About us

Elle Reinhardt

Unlike most colonic settings, we have a qualified Traditional Naturopath on staff 5 days a week to help you with your health and nutritional education.


  • American Association of Integrative Medicine--Board Certified in Integrative Health.
  • Doctor of Naturopathy--Clayton College of Natural Health.
  • Board Certified Reflexology
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