Dr Audrey E Zietsman

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Dr Audrey Zietsman

I am a general practitioner, passionate about family medicine. I believe that the experience of suffering is more significant to the human condition than pathology in cells that can be seen under a microscope, and that suffering comes in many guises. I strongly believe in the bio-psycho-social model of healthcare, where the person is seen holistically as a complete entity in the context of their family and society, and that every level of their life should be optimised, and that every contact with a doctor is an opportunity to do so. I believe that the patient, their family and the doctor are a team, and the thoughts and opinions of the patient and the family count equally to those of the doctor. The patient should actively be involved in their own healthcare at every level, and the doctor should make an effort to ensure that this happens. Further, the solution to healthcare problems is not always adequately addressed by simply popping pills. A holistic approach that takes into consideration the whole of the patient's life is necessary.


  • MBBCH (Wits)
  • PGDip (Palliative Care) (UCT)
Dr Audrey Zietsman
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