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Class Registration

The old way of signing upp for classes, is with pen and paper. But when using web-based Class registration you save a lot of time. Everything is stored in an online calendar, with a complete database of all attendees with all necessary details.

There are several ways to set up a class, either for a one-off event, or a repeating class that students register each week for example. Normally you allow a person to sign up only once per class, but you can let them register for more, for example if they are allowed to bring a friend.

Course management

Class registration for Yoga classes To make it easier to manage, both for you and your course attendants, let them register online. Before a course starts you can easily send all of them an email with important information. And if there is a sudden change, simply send a text message to their cell phones. They'll be amazed!

For all registrations, TimeCenter will send a confirmation by email and/or text. And to make sure the they actually show up to the course, we'll also send a text message two hours in advance.

Room management

Class registration for Fitness centers & gyms By the comfort of your computer, you can book a room for your classes. With TimeCenter, scheduling is a breeze. Just sign in and see when a room is available, and book it in seconds. You can even limit certain people to book certain rooms, so you'll always have that luxury conference room just for your most important meetings.

Class enrollment software

Class registration for Conferences TimeCenter helps you eliminate all the paperwork often associated with class enrollment. Used by both public and private schools, and even by companies signing up their employees for internal company training and education. Works great for signing up for seminars, camps or any events.

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