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Event registration for Conferences

- "Hurry, only 50 tickets left to the Eat-and-drink-all-you-like-Wine-and-Cheese conference. Only $50!"
- "We've got to buy it now! I want some cheese!"
- "Didn't you hear? If you register online you'll only pay 30 bucks. Gimme your iPhone and let's do it!"
TimeCenter can easily handle registration for events with hundreds or even thousands of visitors. You can easily set a number of max registrations for each event, to make sure it doesn't get overbooked. Everyone will get a confirmation and a reminder 24 hours before the conference begins. You don't have to do anything. As easy as it gets.

No matter if it's a business conference, a food exibitions or a conference for saving planet earth, TimeCenter will do the job for you.

Event registration is quick and easy

Do you know how to check your e-mail? Then you can use TimeCenter. When planning a conference, you can concentrate on that, and let us handle your event registration.
  • Quick setup - You'll be ready to accept appointments in minutes
  • No installation - Instantly available in your web browser
  • A few simple settings - It's a lot easier than some of our competitors with hundreds of settings for you to worry about

Keep track of registrations and visitors

When getting a lot of visitors to your conference, it's important to collect specific data when they register. We make it easy for you to specify a number of fields, and your visitors quickly fill in the fields when signing up.
  • Collect data - Get e-mail, address, company, or even the color of their tie, if it's important for you!
  • Sync your registrations - Get your schedule in your iPhone, Outlook or Google calendar
  • E-mail and text alerts - Get notified of each new appointment or cancellation

Why our customers love TimeCenter

TimeCenter is very easy to use. Take the 30 day free trial to find out. Here are some of the things our customers often say about us.
  • Your support is really quick - A dedicated team will help you get started in no-time
  • My logo looks great - Makes your event registration look just like your website
  • It works even when I'm on a vacation - Since your appointment calendar is web based, you can view it at work, at home or even if you are on a trip to India.

Three tips to get you more visitors

A conference is all about attracting visitors. We have some clever ideas for you to market yourself. Let us know if this gives you more registrations!
  • Connect with your visitors on Facebook - Let them spread the word about your conference to their friends
  • Send mini-newsletter to your visitors cell phones - Tease them about the conference some days before, and give them a discount to invite a friend
  • Use our fancy book now-button - Put this on your website, and tell everyone who's going that you can easily register online
More appointments. Guaranteed.

More appointments. Guaranteed.

We're so confident that you will get more appointments and happier clients with TimeCenter that we give you a unique 100% money-back guarantee. If you cancel your account within 30 days of your first purchase, you will get a full refund. No questions asked.

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