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Event registration for Courses

- "Oh my god! So many yellow notes everywhere on my desk! I'm going crazy!"
There's a much easier way to keep track of all your courses and who's attending. Let your attendees register for your courses online. In TimeCenter you'll find a list of all the attendees, and you can send e-mail and text messages to announce new courses. By the way, we'll send them confirmations and reminders. You don't have to. That will make your courses easy to remember, and your day so much easier.

TimeCenter have been used to get people to register for both smaller and bigger companies. It also works great for schools and universities, especially since today's students almost require you to have online registration. Take a free 30 day trial and see how easy and useful TimeCenter is for you

Benefits of online event registration

Apart from that it's easy for you and your attendees to use, and that you never have to use yellow sticky papers to register attendees ever again, there are more benefits.
  • Less no-shows - Your attendees get reminders by e-mail and text 24 hours in advance
  • Attendees can book 24/7 - You don't have to watch the phone or wade through dozens of e-mail
  • Free slots fill up quickly - If an attendee cancels, another one can quickly take the place

Super-easy to use

Do you know how to check your e-mail? Then you can use TimeCenter. Let us handle your Event registration, and get more spare time doing something fun. Like playing a game of chess with a friend. Haven't done that in a long time have you?
  • Quick setup - You'll be ready to accept registrations in minutes
  • No installation - Instantly available in your web browser
  • Easy booking - Your attendees make a registration in only three clicks

Why our customers love TimeCenter

We get lots of e-mails from our customers saying how happy they are with TimeCenter. They don't want to back to receiving registrations by e-mail or regular mail. Here are some other things they like.
  • Affordable price - The low fee is quickly returned from all the extra registrations you'll get
  • No start-up fee - Lets you get started with a very low cost
  • Uploadable logo - Makes your event registration look just like your website
  • Collect data - Get e-mail, address, or even shoe size, if it matters for you!

You're in total control of your courses

It's easy to start accepting registrations online. If you think it's too easy to register, we can help you feel more secure.
  • You decide who can book - With our secure booking feature only specific persons can book
  • You decide when attendees can book and cancel - No later than 24 hours before, for example
  • Internal registrations - Schedule internal courses that only your staff can choose
More appointments. Guaranteed.

More appointments. Guaranteed.

We're so confident that you will get more appointments and happier clients with TimeCenter that we give you a unique 100% money-back guarantee. If you cancel your account within 30 days of your first purchase, you will get a full refund. No questions asked.

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