How do I sync iphone with my calendar?
The sync actually works amazingly well, and it's really simple to setup. All of the steps bellow will be made on your iphone. Here's how to do it: 1) Visit T...

Where can I find the mobile app for iphone & Android?
Just grab your phone and go to www.timecenter.com. There you will see the mobile version that works almost like an app. We're sure that you'll love it! Do yo...

How do I sync an Android-phone with TimeCenter?
Did you know that the calendar on your Android phone is really Google Calendar? That means that you can add your TimeCenter calendar to Google Calendar to s...

How do I add my BOOK NOW button to my website?
accept appointments online - get our beautiful Book Now-button! Create your online scheduler and visit this page again when you are signed in. You'll get

How can I seem more popular?
at your calendar seems a bit empty when you start accepting appointments online. We'll let you in on a little secret. Blocked time slots look exactly like bo

How do I get my Book now button on my Facebook page?
In the website field, paste the link to your booking page. 4) Then click Next to all of the questions. Wohoo! Now you can accept appointments on Facebook.

What is the link to my booking page?
When you have an account then you'll get your own booking page like this: www.timecenter.com/mycompany Share it with your clients, have it on business ca...

How do I add different locations?
If you work by yourself then it's free to add new locations, but you need to contact us first. Include both the s...

How do I sync my Mac with my calendar?
The sync with iMac and MacBook works amazingly well, and it's really simple to setup. Here's how to do it: 1) Go to Settings > Calendars 2) Click on the ...

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