How do I get my button on my Facebook page?
book and then: 1) Click on the three dots on the top right side and choose "Add Action button". 2) Select "Contact us" 3) In the website field, paste t

How do I add my book NOW button to my website?
ou accept appointments online - get our beautiful book Now-button! Create your online scheduler and visit this page again when you are signed in. You'll

What is the link to my booking page?
u'll get your own booking page like this: www.timecenter.com/mycompany Share it with your clients, have it on business cards or in your email signatures.

How do I sync my Mac with my calendar?
book works amazingly well, and it's really simple to setup. Here's how to do it: 1) Go to Settings > Calendars 2) Click on the calendar you want to sync

How can I seem more popular?
ttle secret. Blocked time slots look exactly like booked appointments when your clients look at your calendar. Great isn't it? Here is how to get instant popula

How do I add different locations?
If you work by yourself then it's free to add new locations, but you need to contact us first. Include both the s...

How do I sync Google Calendar with my calendar?
1) Go to Settings > Calendars 2) Click on the calendar you wish to sync 3) Click on the Google & Android button 4) Sign in to your Google account and c...

How do I sync an Android-phone with TimeCenter?
Did you know that the calendar on your Android phone is really Google Calendar? That means that you can add your TimeCenter calendar to Google Calendar to s...

How do I sync Outlook with my calendar?
1) Go to Settings > Calendars 2) Click on the calendar you wish to sync. 3) Click on the Outlook button 4) Outlook will now open, click OK Your Time...

How do I include a message in the appointment confirmation?
You can add information to your confirmations and reminders by going to Settings > Business details > booking policy...

How do I change my company info?
Go to: Settings > Business details to change the name of your company, your address and other contact details. Here you can also add a presentation of your b...

How do I create an event where multiple people can register?
are great for yoga classes or other activities where a lot of people meet. You can set both number of spaces available, and how many spaces one client can book.

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